Cuffies ($Cuffies) – The Crypto Gem of 2022!

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  • Website:
  • -Telegram: (5,409, 738 online)
  • - Instagram: (33 Posts, 12.4k Followers, 646 Following)
  • - Twitter: (808 following, 2,666 Followers)
  • - Github:
  • - App:
  • - Reddit: (562 Members)
  • - Blockchain: BSC

Presale / Launching process

  • Private 1 $70k Raised (80% vested/ 20% unvested)
  • - Private 2 $40k Raised ($200 max per wallet 100% Vested)
  • - Presale date: January 3rd 2022 5pm, No SC/ HC is $400k, Min / Max, No presale vesting WL for first 10 minutes and then open to public after 10 minutes
  • - Public sale date: 5th January,
  • - Presale and public sale will be the same price
  • - Launchpad: Pancakeswap
  • Where it was originally found: Telegram
  • Audit:
  • - Whitepaper:
  • - Roadmap:
  • - Smart Contract:
  • Category Long-term Potential
  • Description
  • Intent to become the leading DeFi Social Media Startup
  • Cuffies Summary 1 pager:

Complete ecosystem inside the app that is currently in Beta – Live streaming and social use which allow creators to define how they monetise their own content. Content creators receive 90% of all content purchases and tips.

Creators own rights of their content

“Our goals are ambitious. We seek to make Cuffies a global brand and a leading DeFi Player, exploring opportunities from NFTs to Live Streams and Games.”

P2E game in the works (Card game) – daily and weekly quests, game meta will revolve around player vs player matches. People can spectate matches if they don’t want to play themselves and they can spectate and bet their NFT cards

DEX/ Staking pools / NFTs – Collections, customisable accessories

Original plan was for adult platform but now it’s been opened up – this will have censoring for dangerous things (child porn for example and illegal things) but it will be a social platform for all now and not just adults only. “We believe in freedom of expression, if legal and not hateful.”

Team and Communication

-TG member growth: +3,000 members since the scout post

-Is the telegram showing good signs of communication (answering questions, maintaining order, showing care for the project)? Yes team is very active, they have mods running 24/7

  • Have you found any negative comments about the project and if so, what was it and did the team respond? None yet, will keep a look at the social media
  • - Have they done an AMA or voice chat, or have they said when they will do one? Last AMA 30/12/21 4pm UTC
  • A good chunk of the team are Doxxed in some way and most of the key members joined the AMA 30/12 at 4pm UTC.
  • 10 or so of the team were on the AMA but 40/45 people working on the projects across lots of international communities.

Duarte Baltazar (CEO) – Management and Economics degrees with Banking experience. Marco Antonio (BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEER) – Telecommunication Engineer and Blockchain Developer with experience on the field.

David Caldeira (STRATEGIC MANAGER) – Electrotechnical Engineer with experience in e-commerce sales.

Lucas Philipovsky (DESIGN MANAGER) – Master Chemical Engineer. Also a Designer with marketing experience.

Daniel Aguiar (FINANCIAL MANAGER) – Economist and Crypto analyst with experience in traditional investment market.

Slavko (COO) – Operational Manager, 20 years of experience.

Rob (CMO) – Masters in Computer Science and Financial Management. Experience with marketing with brands and celebrities.

Mann S. (DIGITAL MARKETING) – Digital Marketing Specialist and Website Developer

  • Past projects done by same DEVs, what were success of those projects
  • Team have been involved in projects: CumRocket, SSB, Sphynx, Sombra. All team members do jobs that compliment what they bring to the project.

“We had a big flop on naughtyflix, we kept always trying to support it, but the tokenomics were not good. We learnt a lot. Specially on what not to do.”

Start with BsC and intent to extend to other chains in the future.

Fees and Tokenomics/Distribution

  • Initial 6 month Liq lock period , possibility to bridge to another chain – and if not they will lock liquidity again
  • - No team tokens
  • Deflationary 100Mil tokens
  • Buy 8% fee – 1% redistribution, 7% bnb fees split across: 2% app development, 2% operations, 2% Marketing, 1% Liquidity
  • Sell 10% fee – 3% redistribution, 7% bnb fees split across: 2% App development, 2% Operations, 2% marketing, 1% Liquidity

20% of the app profits shared with holders

Anti-Bot measures

What are your plans to stop bots and snipers? “We have anti bot measures in place for this”



  • App has been created and is in beta – team plan to release their token and then release the app 2 days later. Not many projects have working apps at launch.
  • - Intent for Low fees for content creators, features for content creators to make more money than they can with the free platforms
  • - Website/ Whitepaper/ Roadmap is sophisticated compared to many of the projects launching at the moment
  • - There were around 10 of the team taking part in the AMA but they explained that in total 40/45 people working on the project across lots of international communities.
  • - Team have been working on the project for 7 months, no pump and dump
  • - Twitter has good engagement with all posts (First tweet I can find back in August), same with Reddit and Instagram.
  • - Marketing plans- ads across all the current social platforms to target social users/content creators/crypto users
  • - Team seem to be very open to feedback and were listening to the community within the AMA – they have also got iterations of their whitepaper and you can see the evolution of the project and the team when you look into the past whitepapers.
  • - Intent for sustainable staking pools with good APYs might potentially help with price stabilisation.
  • - 7% of the taxes go to team expenses and marketing. This is usually a good sign for project longevity and often indicates that the team wont dump on the project. The 7% will be paid in BNB and not native Cuffies token as well.
  • - Revenues planned through monthly subscriptions, NFTs, Share of tips, token transactions, Ads, Share of app payments.
  • - Currently team has no plans to gift influencers or content creators any tokens – no potential for them to possibly dump the price unless they bought in themselves directly.
  • - All the key team members are Doxxed
  • - Audit didn’t throw up any major flags with NexusSolidity

Concerns and identified red flags

  • Original project was going to be adult only platform 7 months ago when the team came together for this project- it’s now opened up to be a social platform for anyone – could the Cuffies brand name be a challenge down the line?
  • A number of comments regarding this on the AMA and the team are hoping to take the line that people are ‘cuffed to their iphones’ rather than utilise the brand in a porn way.
  • Team will have a difficult challenge to get people to use their app – people are inherently lazy and downloading a new app can be a barrier for many people.
  • From the AMA/ Whitepaper/website the team’s motives are clearly focussed on empowering and building up a strong list of content creators in advance of the launch and using this strong network of content creators to bring their loyal users to the app.
  • This strategy will be fundamental to the longevity and useability of Cuffies. If the team can make an ecosystem that will allow users to easily direct users this app could really take off. There is stiff competition in this space.

For any information join the telegram group and be part of Cuffies revolution! 🎉🎉




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