How has COVID changed our lives?

3 min readSep 29, 2021


How can a pandemic change the habits and customs of an entire society?

It has been a long time since the first covid case in the world. After almost two years of government-imposed rules, vaccines, masks, the question arises: how has covid changed our views?

It is useless to deny that our daily life will hardly go back to being what it was before. If simple shopping at the supermarket before the pandemic was a normal thing, now will it be the same to see someone not wearing a mask on the shelves of cookies? Will we approach with the same peace of mind as before? Our reaction to such a situation is likely to be different than in the pre-pandemic period.

The fear of contagion has meant that our human relationships with other people have slowly been destroyed, causing a refuge for people in the world of social networks and smartphones.

In fact, new platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have had a significant increase in active users thanks to this lockdown period. Social media have taken the place of handshakes and laughter in society. Today it is easier to hear about “Tag”, “Like” or “Share” than anything else, especially between very young guys.

Unfortunately, no one knows if one day all these things will disappear to return to our old everyday life but the danger that there is not a reversible effect is probably much higher than we think.

The Number of infected people around the world is decreasing and all situations such as concerts, theater performances, and events with thousands of other people will return to being there. Will we really be able to leave everything behind and live as if nothing had ever happened or will the lifestyle of these years remain forever?

Concluding this article I would like to give my point of view. The risk of not returning to life as before exists and is concrete. Continuing to prefer cell phones and social networks to talk to people can make society even more technological and silent than before.

However, it is important to remember how relationships with other people keep us alive and part of a society that moves and breathes together.

Let’s not let a mask and the fear of what is and what will be, forbid us to smile again with our friends and family over a good glass of wine.




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