ICO of the month: bitcci

Read and find out what bitcci is, what it does and how to invest in this new project of the new giants of the sex industry.

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The sex market has undergone an exponential increase in recent years thanks to the advent of the internet and the potential and trends are still growing. With this project bitcci want to create a real ecosystem that allows all users to manage their interests quickly and safely thanks to us.

In fact, with their ecosystem you can manage your payments, cloud services and become part of our global network through the blockchain. This ecosystem has the potential and the technological structure to become a leader in the world market in the next 10 years.

This ecosystem also helps nightclubs run more safely and professionally for both female workers and entrepreneurs. bitcci is already operational in some locations in Switzerland and there are plans for new premises coming in the next year. The artificial intelligence that will include the ecosystem will allow everyone to be able to control in a moment the regular performance of the premises and of the workers who are part of it.

Bitcci Nightclub Network

Various components will be present in the bitcci ecosystem to increase knowledge of the ecosystem itself, allowing rapid development and integration into the territory. One channel used will be a dedicated TV called “bitcci TV” where investors and users of the platform will entertain. The TV will in fact have many live events and initiatives to promote the bitcci ecosystem to become a world leader.

Why should i invest in bitcci?

The bitcci cryptocurrency is absolutely an opportunity because it does not offer a service but an entire ecosystem of services, products, offers for the users of these services. Bitcci not only offers this but also allows the bodies in charge to monitor workers at any time by certifying and guaranteeing maximum transparency and safety for all.

Bitcci Ecosystem

Transparency is one of the strengths that could push bitcci to dominate the sex market in the coming years by offering an ecosystem never seen before.

Personalized payment system (with ATMs already present in the area), dedicated TV, Apps and much more can be the springboard for this cryptocurrency which proves to have a solid structure that could reach frightening numbers in the coming years. On the bitcci website there is the whitepaper where everything is explained in detail including photos and staff profiles. You can also find more information on their website on bitcci academy with related initiatives and training for new sex workers.

How can I invest in bitcci?

The ICO phase is currently being sold on the official bitcci website. No other site has this cryptocurrency so beware of any other site that offers you to buy this currency because it is definitely a scam.

The bitcci ecosystem is built on the ERC20 platform and this denotes a very solid background within the world of blockchains. To buy cryptocurrency it is therefore necessary to have a metamask wallet (or any wallet that supports the ERC20 network) and purchase through your account created on the site.

It is possible to buy by paying in normal currency or with dozens of different cryptocurrencies. Once the profile has been created, it is necessary to enter the code of your wallet in order to receive the tokens.

For any questions and problems, the staff is always available to help new investors.

My personal opinion on bitcci


The sex market is one of the markets that will probably never experience a crisis and given this aspect, the potential of this project is very high. The ecosystem that offers many services, offers and opportunities denote a choice of competence in the market by the staff and how a cryptocurrency can be developed based on services already offered.

The real use in society (and above all the presence of ATMs) allows a very high visibility even without using the internet. This will also allow non-tech people to get to know the project and invest in it.

Given the analysis just carried out and the real uses in the company, the investment could be the right choice and generate a good profit with a high level of ROI.


Website: www.bitcci.cc

Official Telegram: bitcciGroupOfficial

Official Email: support@bitcci.to

News: bitcci.news

Disclaimer: The article is for informational purposes only and analyzes the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Never invest what you are not willing to lose.



I am an Italian guy who loves to look around and write about everything that happens in this crazy world. 🇮🇹 ✍️ #Crypto #Communication #Writer #IcelandGuide

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I am an Italian guy who loves to look around and write about everything that happens in this crazy world. 🇮🇹 ✍️ #Crypto #Communication #Writer #IcelandGuide